Message from the Chairman of the Board

Ladies and Gentlemen,

obrRelentless pursuit of perfection led humanity to desire to surround themselves with the best. While making the decision to expand our business, we were always guided by ideal products in their own individual segments.

We are proud of our results, accomplished goals and projects, but none of our achievements would  have been possible without the team effort of the ALMAZ Group; without the everyday commitment of our meticulous staff, their professionalism and allegiance.

We are convinced, here at the ALMAZ Group that: people — are a company’s most valuable asset. Without a team of professionals any idea would not stand a chance of finding embodiment and little would have been achieved. Preserving and enhancing the successes and achievements in business, while gaining credibility in the global business community, can only be accomplished in the presence of a comfortable micro-environment within the Company.

For 15 years we have been working successfully on the Ukrainian market. We are proud of what we have achieved during this time.

In 1993 we started the authorized delivery of Toyota vehicles into Ukraine. To date, opened doors to world class authorized service centers in Dnepropetrovsk and Krivoy Rog.

In 1998, signed a dealership agreement with a Swedish company and got a truck manufacturer  called Scania, into the Depropetrovsk and Zaporizhia regions and the Crimea, subsequently, putting into operation, modern sales and service facilities.

In 2003, a Finnish boat business was introduced and a boat manufacturer called Silver, entered the Ukrainian market.

In 2005, an agreement on cooperation with Porsche was reached. It was during this time, that Ukraine saw its first conceptual Porsche service facility; Dnepropetrovsk Porsche Center.

In 2008, as an official dealer of Lexus, the Lexus Center of Dnepropetrovsk commenced operation.

Develop, grow professionally and successfully compete with other companies, are the principles that helped us and by which we are always guided.

Perfect products and advanced technology combined with impeccable professionalism of every staff member – the basic principles of the ALMAZ Group, aimed at implementing the core value – the customer above all else.

Chairman of the Board of Directors,

Oleksiy Shokh sign